Recent Photography...

It's been a good week for photos! All of these were taken in the past few days, and are some of my favorite ever because of the colors. The image above was captured while attending the Girl Talk show in Pittsburgh. I've been wanting to see him perform for a long time, and the show exceeded all of my expectations! Sooooo good!
The photos above and below were the result of me fooling with the camera. I really like them a lot. I'm a huge fan of color, and these two are a beautiful blend of designs and colors.

And these guys here are from my friends fish tank. Puff fish are my favorite kind of fish, so I'm always very happy to see this guy! He's actually fairly big, about the size of a shoe. I am sure he gets much bigger when he puffs up! His little orange buddy to the left felt that he needed to be in the photo too